Welcome to our new Zulu Love Bean website offering unique handcrafted African gifts and curios!

The Zulu Love Bean, as a treasured African keepsake or gift, symbolises the potential in all of us to grow through love, luck and happiness and to pass it on to others.

Belinda Beckley, the original Zulu Love Bean Queen of Africa runs this community driven business from home where all finished products are lovingly hand made by a team of dedicated ladies from Khayamandi.

Products range from key-rings, necklaces, candlesticks and table-weights to funky walking sticks, beaded African stars and crocodiles and much more. Fantastic as souvenirs, personal, corporate or promotional gifts, designs are constantly changing so customers are always sure to get something new and unique.

Browse through our products page to get a taste of the many products and designs available. Subject to availability, all orders and products can be tailor made to suit your specifications so feel free to contact Belinda for orders and more information.

We were recently featured in The Bead Book Magazine's October 2010 issue.
Read the article here.